Best Green Tea For Weight Loss - How to Make a Selection

Green tea is considered as one of the healthiest drinks on earth. Not only that, this beverage can also be one of your best allies when it comes to losing weight and having a lean and mean body.

The best green tea for weight loss is rich in a substance known as Polyphenols which has a thermogenizing effect, meaning it can increase the temperature. It is also effective in increasing metabolism or the ability of the body to utilize energy.

Green tea is effective even in breaking down and utilizing stored fat and converts it to more energy for the body. Thus, it is not only a weight loss supplement it is also an energy drink at the same time.

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Unknown to many, the best green tea for weight loss can also inhibit the absorption of fat by the cells which makes it more effective as a supplement. Green tea is not only good in checking fat, it can also regulate the movement of glucose which means that it can help prevent the insulin spike and sudden rise in blood sugar that is often experienced after a heavy meal. A surge of insulin actually promotes fat storage. Green tea also helps suppress appetite a probable effect of the lowering of blood sugar.

But if you think green tea is only good for weight loss, think again. This drink is also rich in anti-oxidants that are effective in protecting the body against free radical that can cause serious disease such as kidney cancer.

With that said, you must realize that not all teas are created equal. When buying, make sure that you will get the best green tea for weight loss.

Below is a guideline on how to choose the best tea for weight loss.

1. Comes from a reputable brand. One that has the expertise and experience in preparation.
2. Is fresh. Make sure that the packaging is sealed.
3. Is all natural. Choose tea that is pure with no additives.
4. Is organic. Choose organic tea as often as possible.
5. Is one that is stored in a cool dry place. Moisture and tea are not a good combination.

I hope the guide will help you to choose the best green tea for weight loss.

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