Weight Loss Action Plan - How to Prepare Yours

When making the decision that you are at the point of no return with your body's weight, to insure the very best of success, you need to create a weight loss action plan.

A weight loss action plan is designed with the thought in mind to be a guide or a road map that will help you keep yourself focused on what you are doing and when do you plan to get there. It is created to keep your weight loss goals clearly defined and out in front of you at all times.

If it is in your head to lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks, then, when it comes to obtaining that goal you better have a definitive weight loss action plan on how you are going to get there!

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The biggest challenge of this plan of action is that you have to know how to properly set goals for weight loss, or really anything else in life that you are looking to accomplish. The goal helps you keep your eye on the prize. A weight loss goal is not some obscure, fuzzy-wuzzy, flip-flopping kind of a target.

A weight loss goal is sharp and crystal clear, like the example that I used previously "lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks!" Not bad and it also meets the first criteria of goal setting, which is, Be Realistic! Most people would have to agree that this is very realistic.

The second part of this process is making sure that your goal is "Specific." Notice, I want to lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks is not fuzzy. It is specific! The only thing that I would change in that statement is the word "want" to "will"; I will lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks. Now, that is airtight! Again, most would have to agree that statement is clear, well defined and definite!

Okay, so those are the first 2 parts of the setting up the goal setting process. The last part of goal construction is that it must have a clearly marked out time frame or better yet a date to which you plan to meet the goal. A target date! For example: I will (not want) to lose in pounds 4 weeks. My target date to reach my goal is February 27th 2009. Not too shabby!

When doing this, it should always be written down on a clean sheet of paper and you want to be sure to make 2-3 copies for placement at various strategic locations that you frequent and are positioned at for a while. Maybe, it is your bedroom, bathroom or office cubicle, but the point here is that you want to look at it and say it every day.

You are programming yourself and building a certain kind of focused mindset to where this is becoming an engrained part of your being!

If you go to create a weight loss action plan and you do so without goals that are clearly defined, then, mostly and unfortunately, you will fail!

Sure, there are other things that would need to be a part of weight loss action plan, but without having properly set realistic goals, what is the point. Goal setting, creating the vision and having the desire is the background, the very foundation of all human achievement.

Make the decision to reclaim your body and lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks. Start today!

Best of success to your with you fitness weight loss goals.

Make the Decision and Reclaim Your Body. Start Today!

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