Weight Loss Programs - An Overview

Weight loss programs can be broadly categorized as clinical and non-clinical. Understanding the nature of each of these programs will help you a lot in finding a program that suits your requirements.

A clinical weight loss program includes the service provided by health care assistants and hospitals that give guidance to the individuals who wish to reduce their body weight for various reasons. A clinical program involves one or more qualified doctors, dietitians, nursing assistants and psychologists. It need not always be a commercially owned one like a non-clinical weight loss program run by private parties.

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A clinical weight loss program offers you various connected services such as diet advice, physical activity and counseling. If necessary you will be given pharmacological agents that can bring the body weight under control. Many obese patients are treated by doctors using obesity medications. These drugs are capable of altering the appetite and metabolism of the human body. Normally, doctors do not recommend these medications for patients who can control the situation by changing their diet.

Most of these obesity medications are notorious for the side effects that they bring. Most common side effects of these medicines include the risk of high blood pressure, faster heart rate, palpitations, closed-angle glaucoma, agitation, restlessness, drug addiction and insomnia.

Therapeutic weight loss techniques come under the category of clinical weight loss program include gastrointestinal surgery. Doctors normally adopt this as a last resort where all other methods fail to control the problem. It can lead to health complications that require more surgeries rarely.

A safe and effective clinical health program will offer you the service of professionally qualified doctors and dietitians. It is good to have a discussion over the health risk involved in a clinical program you choose with your doctors.

A non- clinical weight loss program is something that does not require the expertise or assistance of a registered health practitioner. Sometimes these programs are commercially operated by private persons. You can also develop or use a non-clinical weight loss program by reading books and using supplements. One can also join a community support group consisting of people intending to reduce body weight.

It is always good to follow the books and pamphlets that are reviewed and accepted by experts in this field to get the best results from the program you follow. Make sure that the diet recommended in the books and web sites you visit are scientific to avoid health complications. Do not attempt to buy the prepackaged meals or supplements suggested by a non-clinical weight loss program without understanding the impact of such consumables on your health and body. Consult your health care provider to get a better picture of the program.

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